The Importance Of Covenant Marriage

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Covenant marriages should be required in the place of traditional marriages, making it more difficult for married couples to obtain a divorce because adults who were children of divorce are more likely to have relationship issues, it has a lasting negative impact on everyone involved, and people who are divorced are just as, or sometimes even more, unhappy and well off as those in broken and troubled marriages. Over 45% of marriages in the US end in divorce (Hopf 1). Many people would not be surprised to hear this today, and would agree that it is one of the highest divorce rates in the world. The US’s divorce rates are ridiculously high and has a casual attitude toward divorce and its consequences (Nock 3). In the United States, it is very easy to end a marriage. This gives many people the idea that it is okay to get married whenever and to whoever you want to, because if the marriage does not work out you can easily get a divorce. Covenant marriages give both members almost a guarantee that divorce would be the last option and that they would be together for life, and they acknowledge that marriage is a lifelong commitment (Nock 1).
There are also more restrictions put in place, compared to a regular marriage, and it is a more thorough and lengthy process to obtain and dissolve a covenant marriage. Covenant marriages were designed to be harder to get out of and enter (Nock 1). Couples have to go through many processes, like marriage counseling to ensure the couple knows

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