The Importance Of Crab Mentality In Merchant Of Venice

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Way before we are young, we are taught to achieve way over what is expected from us to do, we are pushed to do something extraordinarily well. While some can, others can't do something to that extent. Just like in school- everyday is a competition, you need to be good at academics and have a strong will to survive real life that we are going to face later in life. However, let's face it: If the challenge is to climb a tree and not all students are fit in that track it would cause misinformation that you are not good enough. This is where crab mentality goes in. In the piece "Merchant of Venice" , Shylock agrees to help Bassanio to go after his woman of dreams. He agreed but there is a condition: If Bassanio isn't able to pay after the given time, Antonio has to give a pound of flesh to Shylock. This just proves that starting from the ancient times, people would want to have something in return if someone gains with their help. The preferred way of just helping someone wholeheartedly is only rare nowadays- but it started from the ancient times. Crab Mentality is common to any kind of race, but it is especially common and known to the Filipino race.…show more content…
As a Filipino myself, and from all my experiences with my fellow Filipinos, the main reason for the known social disease called "Crab Mentality" is the pressure that builds up inside us. We are raised to be excellent- we must not fail or fall below excellency. Even though we have our own fields and specialty, we are often fishes forced to climb up a tree - despite that problem, we find ways to mold ourselves into something different to climb up a tree. We do everything past the majors only to do well in that field, we should be better than anyone else in the group, we should be the star. We even bring down others to achieve

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