The Importance Of Creativity In Africa

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Beyond claim that it is through creativity and innovation that humankind has coped with life and survived its accompanying challenges. Because of creativity, humankind has devised better ways of working, travelling, communication, growing food, health care and recreation among a host of other end products of the creative process. The link between creativity and technology has thus assumed much more significance as illustrated by high standards of life in countries where the two concepts are highly developed (GEM Report 2014). High-value technology industries commonly form the pillars of economies of nations where technology creativity is abundant. Typical examples of such nations include Asian economic giants like Japan, South Korea and China where technology driven industries thrive. Creativity is perceived to provide the essential raw material for launching and sustaining such vibrant endeavours. Therefore, human capital capable of using scientific knowledge in ways that add value to industry, commerce and society at large is a valued asset to any nation (Davis & Sproul 2014; Musteen & Ahsan 2013; Marvel & Lumpkin 2007). Such assets…show more content…
This is particularly so when views to the effect that the potential of the creative economy in Africa is not being fully exploited (UN Creative Economies Report 2013). For example, it is reported that creative economies in Africa contributed less that 1 % of the global (UN Creative Economies Report 2008). Yet the 2013 UN special report on the creative economy thrusts creativity and innovation as vehicles for ‘…inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth and development…(p.2)’, something which is glaringly missing in Africa. They are arguments that the African continent is reach on creativity and innovation, features which can be traced decades back. Yet Africa is beset with poverty, inequity, unemployment and at times unsustainable economic

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