The Importance Of Creativity In Schools

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According to, the most successful businesses rely 20% of their work to creativity. Another study also conducted by edudemic, shows that 1,500 executives believe that creativity is the most important skill of all. Referining to Creativity at Work, creativity is the ability to imagine ideas, and turn them into reality. Creativity allows life to be colorful and unique in everybody’s own way. In classes today, many teachers focus on tests and assignments, leaving little time to give their students to let their creative juices flow. Not only that, many teachers may give students assignments to be creative, but give less freedom and set many strict limits of their creativity (Soliman). While some school may offer creative opportunities, many schools do not approve of this because, it is not thought of as a core subject, most of the time budget cuts lead to no music and art class, and schools cannot fit time into the school day for subjects such as, art or music. One of the main reasons why creativity is struggling to spread through schools is many schools think of art and creativeness as not a major topic and rather focus on skills like math and language instead (Soliman). Worrying teachers focus on standardized test rather than innovation and imagination. According to learning blog, many students are “going against the tide” while trying to express their creativity and they struggle to get decent grades. Sadly, sometimes budget cuts happen in schools and drop

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