The Importance Of Credibility In Business Communication

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Credibility is subjective aspect attached to person, people, things, and product or to other object unlike age, height or weight measurable in terms quantitative terms. Credibility is likely scalable on which others give you a rating and in all actuality make a judgment about you over all. Credibility also entails the fact that individuals want to know if a person can be trusted whenever it comes to things that they put their word in. According to Cardon (2013), `establishing credibility through competence refers to the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish business tasks, approach business problems, and get a job done. To establish credit through caring, in the business world, caring implies understanding the interest of others, cultivating a sense of community, and demonstrating accountability. To establish credibility through character, it refers to a reputation for staying true to commitments made through stakeholders, and adhering to…show more content…
FAIR is an acronym for Facts, Access, Impacts and Respect. For Business Communication to be Ethical, it must pass the FAIR Test. The FAIR test helps you examine how well you have provided the facts how well you have granted access to your motives and how well you approach respect towards others and how it impacts them as well. According to Cardon (2013), and with the concept of the FAIR approach, it deals with how well and factual communication is, deals with how well facts are presented, how well presented the relevant facts are, and wants to know if any information is misleading. With access, it deals with how well or accessible are someones motives, reasoning, and information. With impacts, it deals with how well a person 's communication impacts stakeholders. With respect in the FAIR test approach it deals with how respectful a person 's communication is when it comes down to business as well` (p.
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