The Importance Of Crime In Crime

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The other reason is that defendants in sexual offence cases should not benefit from the law by separating from other criminals due to the low reporting rate in sexual offence cases (the Guardian, 2013).The most recent annual statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) illustrated that 106,098 sexual offences (including stalking, rape, sexual assault and sex murder and violence)were recorded by the police in the year ending March 2016, an increase of about 20% compared with the previous year (ONS, 2017). There has been a steady increase in cases recorded between 2012 and 2016, with a greater willingness of victims to report to the police being thought be a main reason. However, some research indicates that sexual offences are…show more content…
According to Knapton (2014), one reason is that the low rate of reporting to police may also mean there is not sufficient evidence to convict a serial rapist. The other reason is that victims have to prove that they are ‘victims’ by themselves (Hagan, 1990). In other criminal cases, such as murder or violence, the defendants can be convicted as long as prosecutors give evidence of offensive abuse. However, in sexual offence cases, it is more difficult to provide physical evidence. Thus, victims in sexual offence cases must have evidence of forced behaviour by defendants and often bear the burden to prove they resisted during the attack rather than enjoyed a willing sexual encounter (Hagan, 1990). Some people might query the truth of sexual offenses because they stereotype the victims. One such stereotype alleges women always make false allegation and men are always the real victims. However, the Home Office indicates that only around 3% of rape allegations are falsified (the Guardian, 2013). The majority of offenders will be acquitted of sexual offenses. If defendants in sexual offense cases are given the right to anonymity, it may cause a continuous decline in the conviction rate. The improvement of the conviction rate in sexual offence cases also requires administration of justice. The law should not provide protection for potential criminals who might escape the rule of law (the Guardian,

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