Science In Crime Scene Investigation

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A decomposed body found in the woods. A young child being kidnapped from an apartment building in broad day light. A mother vanished without a trace but left all her belongings in her car. These scenarios are all potential crime scenes that has some type of evidence left behind and needs to be thoroughly analyzed and investigated. Crime scene investigation is a meeting point of science, logic, and law with the use of physical evidence. (How Crime Scene Investigation Works. Retrieved March 30, 2018). Crime scene investigation involves a planned search of every aspect of the crime scene. During a crime scene investigation, a CSI must observe, document, process and collect physical evidence, photography, fingerprinting, sketching, and check for…show more content…
The first intention shows steadiness which makes the objects easy to separate from one another such as; different colors of an alike object. And the second purpose shows consistency with objects made with the same characteristics but hard to distinguish such as; two pair of blue shoes. (The Science in Crime Scene Investigation. (2012) Pg32. Individualization is a little different from classification and resolution. Individualization objects are exclusive with only having one source. Individualization has two expectations which are single in space and time, and statistics to properly individualize an object.” Statistics is what gives forensic DNA analysis power which adapts the…show more content…
A crime scene can occur anywhere, be any size, and can lead to multiple crimes scenes just from one. A staged crime scene can made to be seem real to cover up the truth. If you don’t take the necessary steps to collect, process and analyze the information thoroughly from the scene, you will have unfiltered and false information. An Crime Scene investigator need key pieces of evidences to try to reconstruct what happened. Evidence is relevant in any crime but is more relevant when two people don’t know each other before the crime occurred. It is important you pay close attention to the direct and indirect transfers of evidence and how long the evidence was at the crime scene to find the source. When investigating a crime, some evidence can be classified to seem the same but it can come from different sources or one main
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