The Importance Of Critical Theory In Education

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Critical theory is a philosophy that involves being critical of the prevailing view of society. In other words, paying attention at beliefs that might cater only for privileged people and changing that totally. Critical theory in education questions how our education system can better improve our education irrespective of socio economic back ground or other barriers. It offers and understanding and opportunities of the different critical perspectives of disadvantaged members of the society. Therefore it promotes an idea that education is the key tool to social transformation.‘ A theory is critical to the extent that it seeks human “emancipation from slavery”, acts as a “liberating … influence” and works “to create a world which satisfies the needs and…show more content…
It is about being able to cater for all learners critically so and the curriculum is one aspect that can assist in order for such measurers to be met. However what if the curriculum itself prohibits effective learning? A focus is turned upon the learner experience and social action. In this instance, the social action is directed to the educational practices that teachers have to implement making use of the curriculum. Being able to comply with the prescribed curriculum is a in itself a challenge as the newly updated curriculum has a lot of requirements. According to Mohangi & Berger(2015) the curriculum is heavily reliant on resources, textbooks and classroom space, whereas many poor schools are already struggling with few and outdated textbooks and minimal resources. The lack of resources most public schools are faced with makes it near impossible for teachers to comply fully with the curriculum that requires each and every lesson to have learning material and resources to integrate a successful lesson. This is the exact case that I have being dealing with since my student teaching practice
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