The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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A writer must think before they write and their writing should be clear and persuasive. Their job is to convince the audience to believe in what they are writing about. The information written should be well thought out and factual. Critical thinking and rhetorical skills coincide with each other by bringing different aspects of a topic written about. A critical thinker will have to have ample facts to persuade the audience. Along with that, the writer must also present themselves to be knowledge about the information as well as know the audience. Critical thinking begins with the thought process of a person. A person’s way of think can be one-sided, uninformed or prejudiced. How a person lives their life can determine how they think. Critical thinking is a way of analyzing and re-forming information. Critical thinking requires considering the purpose, issues, and implications of the thoughts. A thought should be accurate, clear and have meaning. Critical thinking brings important issues out and presents them clearly by gathering and considering important information. This type of thinking will lead to well thought out conclusions. It also requires an opened mind and effective conclusions. Critical thinkers take charge of their own mind and this allows taking charge of their lives. They also understand that humans are naturally flawed so they tend to be rational and reasonable while knowing they can fall prey to mistakes in many different ways, like prejudgment or
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