The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Business

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Thinking is common to everyone. One way or another, everybody does it. It a procedure which helps us to understand and analyze the situation we were faced with. Thinking is an action which involves set of particular methods and we should be able to control those methods on a certain level. In order to control and improve our thoughts, we should know some good models. One of the good model is Critical Thinking. Understanding the meaning and applying that to the everyday life can lead to better understanding and decision making process. Workplaces can also be improved by using the critical thinking process as it has the ability to make good decisions during crucial time in business (Angelo, 2011). Critical thinking in Business Analysis Context Critical thinking is an important aspect for any business professions. Nowadays, many companies are looking for the employees who can think out of the box and find new solutions or potentials for the company. According to Nadia Goodman (2013), Critical thinking…show more content…
Generally, a critical thinker needs a lots of evidences or justification to get convinced. Accoridng to Paul, R. and Elder, L (2013), critical thinker follow these seven important intellectual standards to get assurance on the evidence they acquire. Here is the checklist of the 7 intellectual standards: Clarity is an important aspect of critical thinking. If a report is uncertain then it is difficult to determine if it is precise or applicable to the context. Based on Austin (2012), critical thinkers must have a well-defined knowledge and evidence on their thoughts and beliefs. They must also consider the kind of language they use. For example, when we discuss about ethics, some may think about the social ethics while other may think about the company ethics. Well defining our language can help us in giving more clarity (Austin,

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