The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Nursing is a noble job and it is a profession where it attracts those who have natural nurturing abilities. People chose to be a nurse as they have the desire to help and assist others and a knack for science or anatomy. Nursing is known to be an art and science. There are many skills that a nurse would nurture in and one of the most important skills that a successful nurse has is the ability to think critically. Being a nurse for the past twenty six years, I strongly believe that, the ability to gain the skills to think critically is not by overnight. Critical thinking skills are gain by time. I also believe that other healthcare providers often over looked the nurse’s ability to thinking critically and this had been agreed by (Arnold & Boggs, 2011).

Healthcare industry is becoming more and more multifaceted and complex. Task nursing responsibilities had increased markedly. Nurses are required to have critical thinking; the ability to question and make rational decisions had become even more important. Historically nurses are known to take orders and follow the instruction from doctors and accept the word authorities from the doctors and even administrators without questing. However, today nurses use critical thinking where they require thoughts and actions that is been examined objectively. In addition, in patient’s care decision making and problem solving is crucial (Lipe & Beasley, 2004).

Authors had argued that, critical thinking is part of the
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