The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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One major objective for nursing education is to produce nurses with the aptitude to think critically and consequently, be able to deliver harmless nursing care; and in doing so one must possess characteristics of knowledge, judgment and skills. According to Suliman (2006), critical thinking (CT) as well as learning styles (LS) of scholar nurses is of foremost concern to nurse instructors since it have an impact on the teaching techniques used in their development. Ju An and Sook Yoo (2008) assert that understanding the link between learning style and critical thinking would facilitate the improvement of a curriculum that will help all styles of learners to develop their critical thinking skills.
Schub (2014) defined critical thinking as the comprehensive process of focused, incisive judgment that includes developing and successfully utilizing numerous dimensions of cognition to understand and examine a situation, in order to arrive at an appropriate conclusion or solution. Profetto-McGrath, Smith, Hugo, Patel, Dussault, (2009) made mention that critical thinking is a part of the process of purposefully self-regulating one’s judgment in order to act professionally and improves one’s ability in order to make the correct decision. It is therefore the art of scrutinizing and assessing one’s thinking with the view of refining it. Within education, critical thinking goes hand in hand with the characteristics of the person; this includes cognitive maturity, truth
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