The Importance Of Critical Thinking Skills

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In this new era, technology is one of the several mediums involve in teaching and learning processes. The millennia (generation z) kids are those who grew up with gadgets and other technologies may have excitement when technologies are used as part of learning and teaching processes. In Malaysia, many changes have been made by the Minister of Education and his team since few years ago in order to increase our education system to suit current generation and put our education level equivalence with the international demand. Recently, many educationists argue that dialogic teaching can enhance students’ understanding of the content learned and foster their critical thinking skills. Personally, I do believe that, dialogic teaching is the best way to boost the students’ understanding. This two ways communication in teaching and learning process between educators and learners will polish teachers’ skill to make the students talk and at the same time may foster the students’ critical thinking.
Basically, critical thinking is define as cognitive skills by several researchers. The cognitive skill is a general aspect of generic concept which includes various action. Others think that critical thinking is a set of integrated macro-logical skills. On the other hand, the term “critical thinking” is also describe as the ability to suspend judgment, or temporarily suspend judgment, until evidence is accumulated to establish the validity of a proposition. Critical thinking is also express a

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