The Importance Of Cross-Cultural Communication In Bali

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Indonesia is one of the countries that has a lot of tourist destinations that are well known in the world, and Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has the best tourism destinations. Bali is known for unique arts and cultures, therefore many tourists come to Bali each year. In this situation, it is not denied that Bali has a pluralistic society, ranging from the ethnic, languages, cultural and others. Sanur is one of the villages in Bali that has a good tourism destination and in this village, many people from various ethnic who lived either settled or just stay for traveling. It means that there would be many people who have a different nationality and cultural background visiting this village. English is an international language and also used by the people in Sanur village to do the interaction with the tourist, such as to sell the souvenir and guiding them to the tourism objects, etc. This communication can be said as cross-cultural communication that conducted by the local people in Sanur village with the tourist and also between the tourists themselves who has different cultural background. In this case, cross-cultural communication can be understood as how people from different culture and ethnic do the interaction (communication) with the local people in Sanur and among the tourist themselves who lived in Sanur village. In communicating across cultures, the speakers of each culture used different pattern of communication, so that they use different ways

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