The Importance Of Cross-Cultural Communication

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➢ What do you need to know about cross-cultural communication in general before leaving on your trip?
The general knowledge that would be beneficial to know about cross-cultural communication before leaving on the business trip is that every culture has their own way of communicating and there are different kinds semantic rules from one language to the next; equivocal language, relative words, abstract language, behavioral language, syntactic and pragmatic rules and deferential language. Also the type of behavior/manners, greetings and different cultural context is a key role in cross-cultural communication. Some examples: the common greeting is bowing or nodding in China and refrain from all personal contact in public. Hence, as speaking does not speak with your hands or point with your forefinger if necessary use your palm instead. Never eat or drink before the host or discuss business during a meal. While consuming the meal only sample the various dishes and taste each one, however, do not finish the meal or the host will think you did not receive enough food and assume you are still famished. Finally, when using chopsticks do not place them upright or drop them because it represents death and bad luck (Besite/China).

➢ How will knowledge of high- and low-context cultures assist you in communicating with Chen?
The knowledge of high and low context cultures will assist me while communicating with Chen because he is from a high context culture where they avoid direct use

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