The Importance Of Cruise Tourism In Phuket

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In Phuket, Phuket port has greatly served cruise tourism as a port of call for decades, due to its reputation and attractiveness, which supposed to lead cruise tourism to grow continuously in Phuket. Phuket port has become the most visited port of call in Thailand and one of the highlighted ports in the ASEAN region. There are popular cruise ports in Phuket such as Patong port and Deep-Sea port. The most interesting are Patong port because it is located in a tourist area, tourists can travel to other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore from this port. Many cruise ship operators in the region currently drop anchor off Patong, where a floating pier is moored in the high season (November through April), the only time weather permits. This is a pity because cruise ship tourism is potentially a wealthy year-round proposition for Phuket, which has a virtually unbeatable array of onshore activities to offer visitors. Another port in Phuket is Phuket deep-sea port, it is located at Ao Makham, a channel between Koh Taphao Yai and Phuket Island, north of Cape Panwa. The port is the main stopover for many large international cruise liners plying the Andaman Sea and the Straits of Malacca. Unfortunately, the Deep Sea Port is too far from Patong, Phuket Town or other popular destinations to make such destinations very attractive to cruise ship passengers, who typically enjoy only a morning, an afternoon or at best a day here. Compare with Patong port, it is more easily to go to

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