The Importance Of Cultural And National Identity

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We all know how important is the history of a country but equally important is the cultural and national identity. There are many types of identity, such as personal identity, cultural and social identity and national identity.
National identity constitutes a social and political identity. The definition is complex and ambiguous by presenting much specificity. But they are also a type of identification with strong emotional references and various expressions. National identity is a result of continuous processes of identification with the nation and the feeling created from this identification. This definition is quite artistic, but also accurate. National identity does not defined in relation with particular features that may has, as their presence is a matter of historical, political and other circumstances. In contrast, emphasizes the subjectivity of the process of identification, as well as the fact that the identification with the nation defined by the delimitation of the nation. It should be mentioned that in the age of nationalism the 'nation ' acquires features that obtained by the ideology and determines national identity and the individual characteristics. Unfortunately, the influence of nationalism is catalytic and the delimitation of nations and national identity more or less defined.
Chapter 2 - Graphic Design in Cyprus

The sixties and seventies was the period that virtually everything began. During this period there was an attempt to try and shape a strong

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