The Importance Of Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology is the study of human beings, their behavior and how patterns in their language, personalities, gender, family, art, politics or rituals learned from being a part of a certain society gives meaning to their existence and affects how they organize their lives. Culture Involves Concepts, Generalizations, Abstractions, Assumptions, and Ideas. The ants are locked into the specifics of their nest-building behavior. It must work the same all the time. If some important variable is different, the ants cannot make specific adjustments. They don’t, in other words, know what they’re doing. Their behavior is not part of some larger concept (Park 2013). Culture can be described as a full range of learning human behavior patterns acquired over a period of time by living and reliving them until they become a part of our human life to a point that they influence the man-made things around us. Culture helps with the study of a society. By studying a people’s culture anthropologist are able to deeper understand a person and their past better as just studying their buildings or ruins is not enough to truly paint a fair picture of both their past and present ages. To effectively understand and be aware of the underlying patterns of life in a culture one has to either get immersed into said culture and directly experience it or take some time to observe it. I therefore undertook to observe a wedding ceremony whose reception was set in the gardens of the church that the
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