Cultural Congruence In Nursing

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Cultural baggage attributes to propensity by one person to place his or her culture, a way of thinking and behavior above all others (Andrews & Boyle, 2016). It would be important for nurses to respect the patient’s view of things, although it might not be correct or just plain different. While it is hard to disregard the background that each nurse is coming from, the patience and attempt to understand would assist in the proper assessment. From personal experience, I recall a patient coming from a different country, who did want to deal and even talk to the nursing staff, and demanded to see the physician with every concern. Ethnocentrism is a view of a group of people placing themselves in a center and making themselves superior to others,…show more content…
Care provided this way would support healing, enhance patient experience and lead to faster discharge. Nursing from my experience, are culturally sensitive and adjusted accordingly to a variety of requests from patients and accommodated most of them. Nursing staff today works with a diverse population and it is important to stay professional and culturally sensitive. Nurses should assess their own knowledge, feelings and values when providing care for patients from different backgrounds. It also important to know about different cultures and increase personal cultural awareness (Leishman, 2004). In emergency room nurses do not choose patients that they want to see, it is based on triage protocols. It would be beneficial to a nurse and the patient to establish a rapport and relate to some aspects while a patient is receiving…show more content…
TIP direct nurses to use a five step process. The first step is assessment, which include a self-assessment and evaluation of a patient. It is important for nurses to perform self reflection and be aware of any differences (cultural, religious, belief). Second step includes a set of mutual goals, including point of view of the patient, patient’s family and clinical team, involved in treatment. Third step considers the planning of care in the collaboration of clinical treatment team. The fourth step includes an implementing of care plan of treatment. The fifth step is an evaluation of care plan, including: effectiveness of a care plan; a care plan that is culturally congruent towards the patient; a plan that is culturally competent; a plan that is safe and affordable; plan that combine care with evidence based practice
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