The Importance Of Cultural Difference In Business

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1. Introduction Culture relates to an attitudes, belief and behavioural patterns that distinguished an individual. In today’s business world, and cultural differences had been identified as one of the considerable factors that organizations are concerned (Groth 2013). As the culture of an organization has significant impacts on daily operations and future prospects, a good understanding of the complexity in cultural difference is a ‘must-have’ ingredient for the recipe for business to success (Hopkins 2009). 1.1 Importance of understanding cultural differences for business As the world is advancing towards a new era, organizations around the world are focusing on uncovering opportunities and improving performances for globalization business (Christiansen 2012). It has been recognized that culture difference may be a drawback for business success and most organizations believe a good understanding is vital in differentiating themselves with their competitors (Sehgal and Khetarpal 2008). In today’s context, many attentions are given to issues that were arising in workplace due to cultural difference. Therefore, a proper assessment is necessary for an organization before addressing the potential issues (Bhattacharyya 2010). By using the right strategies in hammering potential issues, employees are able to easily adapt with their surrounding environment, inspired and motivated in achieving better results (Silverthorne 2005). To substantiate, the identifying and
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