The Importance Of Cultural Differences On Communication

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Compare two cultures which were NOT discussed in this module. How do they differ in term of their communication practices? How do their respective cultures influence their communication? What kinds of communication problems would you expect in the workplace when these two cultures collide? Length: 5-7 pages, double-spaced (exclusive of reference page). France & Filipinos culture difference. According to Zimmermann (2015), France is one of tourist attraction countries in Europe. The French culture is associated with their capital city Paris, which is a center of fashion, architecture and cuisine (Zimmermann, 2015). However, life outside Paris differ from one region to another. Basically the word” culture” is originally a French word, which drives from a French word “culture”. As far as their language is concerned, about 88% of the population speaks French, and it is the dominant language (Zimmermann, 2015). The author continued, the second minority language is Arabic, and the rest of the population who lives close to Germany border speaks German, who lives to the border of Spain speaks Flemish and who lives the border of Italy speaks Italian (Zimmermann, 2015). Living in France as a foreigner, speaking their language is very important. When you interact with French people and if you don’t speak French, you need to ask them an excuse for not speaking their language. Because, if you speak with them directly in English they will consider it as being rude. Hence,
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