The Importance Of Cultural Diversity

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More and more western university students come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, resulting in a multicultural learning environment. Cultural diversity means that every nation and every country in the world has its own unique culture, and national culture is an important symbol of national identity. From the national festivals and cultural heritage, people can deeply feel the colorful world culture. With the increasing complexity of human society and the development of information circulation, the transformation and upgrading of culture is also accelerating. The development of various cultures is faced with different opportunities and challenges, and new culture will emerge one after another. Under the modern complex social structure, we are bound to need various cultures to serve the development of society. These cultures serve for the development of society, and create cultural pluralism, that is, multiculturalism under complex social background.

Cultural diversity is not only reflected in many ways of expression, promotion and inheritance of human cultural heritage through colorful cultural expressions, but also a variety of ways of art creation, production, dissemination, sale and consumption with various ways and technologies. Cultural diversity is the basic feature of human society, and it is also an important motive force for the progress of human civilization. This should be known to educational institutions and inform students from different backgrounds.
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