The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Africa

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Introduction What motivated me most in writing about this topic is the cultural diversity, sets backs and endurance that is involved in it, not all only by the people in all cultural backgrounds involved but also by the government. Coming from the very cultural diverse, Kenya (although some might argue that it cannot quite be said to be culturally diverse as a quite noticeable number of the population is black. But this is not to say that they are not culturally different. With over 40 different tribes, you can imagine much difference there is, not to mention the large population of Asian descents especially the Indians and Arabs, I was a little surprised to have noticed the much divide that exists when I went to Germany and the Netherlands. By divide I do not mean any kind of hostility but what I mean is a very clear separation. I felt like this might be a false assumption that I have as I did not spend much time in…show more content…
The triangular exchange included the sending of shells, materials and weapons from Europe to Africa where they were exchanged for slaves. Slaves were then taken away in ships that were in terrible conditions to the West where they were sold to work in plantation. This process was known as the Middle Passage. The traders got goods such as sugar, tobacco, and cotton in exchange which they brought back to Europe. This exchange did not birth slavery in Africa, slave exchanging Africa originated before European contact and had been taken inside Africa and in between mainland exchange with the Middle East. Most Africans who were casualties of the Atlantic slave exchange were sent to the tropical ranges of the Western side of the equator, particularly Brazil and the Caribbean, in light of the fact that these territories were most ready to bolster plantation estates climate wise for which slave work was used. Just around five percent of slaves were sent the

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