The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In The Media

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In every aspect of media, the importance of diversity is a habitual reminder for those who work in or around the field. It has always been stressed that one of the most important things those in media should do is make sure they target every demographic, making sure not to leave out any group, so your product will not be limited to one audience. Cultural competence should be practiced daily, most think this only refers to race, but this idea applies to every possible demographic being properly represented in the media. As director of a magazine you want to make the magazine appeals to every audience, the more readers equal more subscribers and more subscribers equal more advertisers wanting to pay to be in your magazine. By limiting the reach…show more content…
Rivers feelings, but how I would feel if the roles were reversed. We often think we are doing the right thing when it comes to certain situations, but we only think about one side of it. Instead of being considerate of others feelings, we try to justify our actions by rules that may be set in place in our workplace or by society’s standards. At times, there can be things the workplace has overlooked and this is where ethics comes in to those in charge of handling communication relations with consumers. Rawls believes that removing yourself and any preconceived notions you may have on any situation should be removed while trying to decide on the right thing to do. This in turn allows you to make an unbiased decision. It is not until after the decision has been made that you remove the veil of ignorance. It is important to put yourself in the other persons’ shoes and think about how you would want someone to treat you if you were doing something that society had deemed wrong. Rawls’ overall point is to not judge others just because we may behave, believe or live a different way than they do, but instead embrace them just as you would want others to embrace
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