The Importance Of Cultural Globalization

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Although the cultural globalisation could encourage the cultural hybridisation to renew and reactivate the local culture, cultural globalisation also increase the status of English and exacerbate the domination of English within the world. English as a lingua franca in the world, there are more than 430 million native English speaker in the world and around 1.5 billion people in the world using English as the second language. The wide use of English would lead to the disappearance of the minority language, for example, Irish. Although the Irish is the first language of Ireland, the number of Irish speaker is continued to decline as most of the Irish people used to speak in English in their daily life, and the mass media in Ireland mainly use English as the major language. The linguist worried that 90% of languages would be extinct due to the globalisation which the migration would increase the use of English and leads to the language fragmentation (Griffiths, 2015). To illustrate why English has been widely used in the world and becomes a global language, De Swann (2001: 188) believed that ‘people tend to learn the language with the greatest communication values’, Ferguson and Mansbach (2012: 92) suggested that English is not merely a language to communicate in daily life, but also a language of commerce, science and technology, and Talalay (2000: 220) also describe English as a working language, showing that English is more valuable than other language even Mandarin Chinese

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