The Importance Of Cultural Imperialism

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Cultural-imperialism of Western powers towards ex-colonies is argued after decolonization. The phenomenon is reflected from current relation between the western powers and non-Western ex-colonies (Tomlinson, 1991). In order to examine the validity of this argument, Algeria, which is the ex-colony of France, is used as a case study. In the following paragraphs, sovereignty, cultural imperialism and the evolution of imperialism will also be covered.

Sovereignty and imperialism
What is sovereignty ? There are 4 types of definition about sovereignty including realist or liberal perspective, institutional and poststructuralist, declaratory theory and constitutive theory. Here, definition of constitutive theory and constitutive theory will be adopted as the whole definition of sovereignty in this article. Declaratory theory stated that the state enjoys sovereignty when she owns the following items: a government, defined territory and population, ability to build relation with other states. Also, state is independent of her recognition and the recognition implicates the awareness of other states to a new state. Constitutive theory stated that state enjoys sovereignty as an international person when she is recognized by other states (Strang, 1996).

What is colonial imperialism? It refers to the Western domination on non-Western state. In addition, there are 2 types of colonial imperialism. The first type is that Western powers dominate their colonies through the

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