The Importance Of Cultural Intelligence

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“It’s not that I have to agree with everything you say, but I should attempt to at least understand it, for the opposite of mutual understanding is, quite simply, war.” (Wilber, 2002)
The pace of today has increased far beyond those of the previous decade. The idea of a simple business deal between two parties now may involve people from different religious, racial, work or even region backgrounds. From managing multicultural teams and liaising with a diverse customer base and suppliers, the ability to manage cross-cultural communications come into play. The key focus to effectively and efficiently bring your idea across comes from a newer, less known type of intelligence, cultural intelligence.
Cultural intelligence is slowly but surely finding its significance in business negotiations in this globalized world. It is no longer possible for a multicultural business deal to go through without cultural intelligence playing its part in it. The emphasis on cultural intelligence has been the information that we receive from our counterpart and the way we choose to act in return. Singapore is a country that is proud of its diverse multi-cultural, multi-racial society. As such, locals may oversee the importance that cultural intelligence has played in our daily lives. This may in fact facilitate the growth of our cultural intelligence, as we interact with such a wide array of people on such a frequent basis. Having friends of different race and religion since young
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