Reflection On Cultural Lens

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I agree with what the man the video said about everyone in the world viewing the world differently with different cultural glasses. I think that by being born in raised in the United States my cultural glasses or lenses differ very much from someone from another part of the world. I would say that the way I view social interactions and the way I gauge peoples’ reactions would differ than from how others may react. For example, I think that if a person does not express some form of different expressions throughout a conversation that that person is not interested in the conversation. That might not be true though, the person might be keeping from making certain expressions because he or she is trying to concentrate on what is being said more than what I would be used to from another expressive fellow American and because I am not used to this this could be interpreted to me through my lenses as rude. I know that I see the world through different lenses than many other people around. For example, I see friendship as going out and doing things together or having long conversations about anything at any random time, however, someone from another culture with different cultural lenses might not view their friendships in the same way, they might see friendship in a more simple or extravagant way than I do. However, I believe…show more content…
I believe that it is important that we are able to recognize the different cultural lenses and acknowledge that what I may think of something or how I see something may be completely different from someone else of a different culture, and that it is okay. I think it is important to also try and be aware of these differences so that you can understand why someone might act or think in the way that they do. I also think that it is important that teachers are able to recognize the lenses in their students as
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