The Importance Of Cultural Mediation

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The first global standard that should be looked at is “cultural mediation”. This term was coined by Abdullahi An-Na’im(An internationally recognized scholar of Islam and human rights and human rights in cross-cultural perspectives). This term means reinterpreting the available Islamic teachings and texts so that women’s equality may be understood in religious terms that are authentic and persuasive. How this helps is by recognizing that human rights are determined by their socio-cultural context. However, this process requires a search for local cultural sources of rights and an open discourse about the meaning and implications of the relevant cultural norms. How Malaysia can comply with this standard of cultural mediation is to acknowledge the power behind the formation of cultural norms and its interpretation. This being said, what one assumes about Islam and what one does in the name of Islam often goes against the main idea and principles of Islam just to justify patriarchal practices. Basically , women`s rights have been distorted and neglected by the increasingly conservative faction of predominantly male Muslims who are heavily influenced by the dominant parochial views of the Islams of the Middle East. What is especially worrying is that Muslim modernists in Malaysia today who very openly oppose the “Islamist” views and the parties advocating it but are ever ready to accommodate fundamentalists’ demands for the recodification of modern state law, especially those
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