The Importance Of Cultural Reproduction In Education

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Cultural reproduction in plain language is basically the passing of culture from one generation to the next, causing the culture itself to resurface through time again and again without fail. Just like reproduction of human beings which functions to propagate and ensure that the human species doesn’t die, Reproduction of culture functions to transfer and ensure that said culture doesn’t “die”. The products of human reproduction are humans who evolve and go through biological change to adapt to the environment in order to survive. The contemporary human body of today compared to the human body in the last few centuries may differ greatly biologically due to the needs of adaptation for the sake of survival. The same can be said for culture, Culture reproduced will be altered each time it is reproduced for it to adapt, survive and be reproduced again. Until the time when said culture serves no use to humans will it cease to reproduce. This paper will focus on the education aspect of cultural reproduction as education and culture are tightly intertwined and are mutually reinforcing. Culture is nurtured by education and is in turn nourished and enriched by it.
Cultural reproduction is carried out whether people are conscious or unconscious about it. Especially through education where a school for example acts as a social institution to educate individuals and to equip them with attributes and skills needed as a member of that particular society. A process called enculturation
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