The Importance Of Cultural Studies

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For example human being will not be addressed as any individual or person but rather it will be ‘subject’ and in relation to it, there will be terms such as subjectivity, subject positions etc. A wide variety of things come under the study of culture study. As we know culture is present in everyday life, it varies from ideas to rituals to pictures to intellect products to media etc depending upon how we see and understand culture. Raymond Williams defines culture as “way of life”. For some it will be music, theatre, high cultures, low cultures, literary texts etc.
Chris Barker, in his, ‘The sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies’ (Barker, 2004) says that “the domain of cultural studies can be understood as an interdisciplinary or post-disciplinary field of inquiry that explores the production and inculcation of culture or maps of meaning. However, ‘cultural studies’ has no referent to which we can point; rather it is constituted by the language-game of cultural studies. That is, the theoretical terms developed and deployed by the persons calling their work cultural studies constitutes that which ‘cultural studies’.” The field of cultural studies does not originate from one point and did not end at another. We cannot derive a point of inception, neither can we pin point its existence in isolation or pin point at all. It relates to more than one branch of knowledge for there is a willing blurring of boundaries.
Barker (Barker, 2004) further says that “cultural studies can also

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