Example Of Cultural Relativism

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Everyone has their own beliefs, values, and cultures. But let’s be honest, do we all respect other cultures and values? It is essential to think if you haven’t ever challenged someone else’s value and became desperate upon proving how you are right and others are wrong. Individual’s values and beliefs create cultural relativism which blinds and limits what they can accept. Cultural relativism causes exclusionary tendency which is a quickest route to being prejudiced. In this century, diversity is being a vital point in communities. Because we are in process of learning and teaching new values and cultures, cultural reproduction will continue generations by generations. United States is taking different approach upon many different aspects.…show more content…
In Korea, centuries ago, it was not right for males to be in a kitchen. Only females should cook and prepare food. Guys were strictly not allowed to come in to even help to prepare for food. Because of this reason, on big holidays such as Chusok, Korean Thanksgiving, only women needed to cook. On Chusok, entire family members meet in one house. For example, last year, my aunts, uncles, and cousins met at my grandparent’s house to celebrate the holiday. And my aunts help to cook. Also, when setting up the table for Thanksgiving in Korea, there is a tradition of setting two different tables which one is for men and one is for women. But as generations switching, the norm of genders is also changing. Women are having their own jobs and responsibilities, the rate of education upon women is increasing, and marriage is not a requirement for women anymore. It is still true that women are paid less in certain jobs, but women are finding the way to be equal as possible as men. So why only women need to cook for Thanksgiving while men are watching TV and having a cup of tea? So now we the cultural reproduction of “guys cook too” is a main growth in Korea. For example, there are many reality shows of male chefs cooking. One of the popular Korean reality show is formed with only male chefs competing each other to complete the food in fifteen minutes based on the different topic each episode. This show gave the…show more content…
And this century is accepting and absorbing more cultural reproduction. We promote diversities, and many works and jobs prefer experiences from different cultures to form bonds and relationships with others. We still have a long way to make history new, but this century is the bridge to the better world with more opportunities. We always need to keep in our minds that “YOU either make history fresh or before you know it you, too, will be

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