The Importance Of Cultural Values

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Everyone has their own beliefs, values, and cultures. But let’s be honest, do we all respect other cultures and values? It is essential to think if you haven’t ever challenged someone else’s value and became desperate upon proving how you are right and others are wrong. Individual’s values and beliefs create cultural relativism which blinds and limits what they can accept. Cultural relativism causes exclusionary tendency which is a quickest route to being prejudiced. In this century, diversity is being a vital point in communities. Because we are in process of learning and teaching new values and cultures, cultural reproduction will continue generations by generations. United States is taking different approach upon many different aspects. For example, gay marriage became legal in some states. But because of cultural relativism that many people have, the issue regarding LGBT is still ongoing. Everyone in this country has their own rights, and they deserve to be respected, but they are not. Many people still have stereotypes and unpleasant looks at LGBTs and whispers behind LGBTs’ back. And I’ve heard people calling guys wearing tight jeans or working in the field of makeup, “gays”. This topic brings cultural relativism of gender norms. For example, many guys in Korea like to wear tighter pants instead of loose pants. My friend is an international student from Korea, and he came to USA in high school. When he wore “tight” pants, my classmates who were born in Alabama asked
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