The Importance Of Culture

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Culture is an identity of a group of people living in specific place. It is the knowledge of the particular group of people which defined by everything such as their language, religion, arts and music etc. Culture is a pattern of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding learned by socialization (Zimmermann, 2015) . Culture is the identity of a nation and the society is impossible without it. Every culture has its own characteristics such as learnt, social, adaptive, social, continuous etc. (Importance of Cultures Essay, 2016). Cultural encounters are interactions between two or more people who are governed by different social rules and it has impact on society. Countries which populated by immigrants, those countries cultures are influenced by the group of immigrants. One out of many is a short story which written by V.S. Naipaul illustrates the live of an Indian cook whose name was Santosh and he employed by a Washington government worker. In the short story One out of Many narrator displays Santosh’s confusion regarding his identity and culture. As a foreign new comer he represents his culture. So, the short story discussed the identity problem and the position of an Indian worker in Washington City. The narrative of the story presents Santosh as an innocent man who was living happily in Bombay. His employer was transferred to Washington so Santosh invited by Shihab to go with him. Santosh seemed very excited when he heard about the invitation.
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