The Importance Of Culture In India

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India is one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the world that has been able to transfer all of its cultural beauty until recent days. It is a country dominated by diversity, and all the generalizations about this society should be treated with due attention. Diversity can be identified also in business environments; In fact, Indians attitude is strongly shaped by culture and religion. Making business in India means understanding their way of life and their culture; Therefore, this paper analyzes Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, as well as important ingredients that could be helpful in creating strong and long lasting relationships within a business context. The culture of India is unique, and with an amazing diversity throughout the entire country. Almost every state in the North, South and Northeast, managed to shape their own customs, making India one of the countries with the most varied and unique cultures in the world. Considered the second most populous country after China, India counts 1.2 billion people, each of them sharing many different aspects of the culture, including: food,language, dress, religion, and arts. However, in India, as in most of the countries, these features have acquired different characteristics within the different regions, and eventually formed subcultures which merged into a wider, regional and national, identity. Religion is probably a facet of the culture that gives a clear understanding of what the diversity of India is all
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