The Importance Of Culture In Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country that rich in the culture and has variety of ethnics, in this paper I would like to explain and discuss about one of the traditions ethnic in Indonesia which is Minangnese. They have a lot of unique and different culture than others that we need to know and it really interesting.
Minangkabau or commonly abbreviated Minang Nusantara is an ethnic group who speaks and upholds traditional Minangkabau. Culture adherent region include West Sumatra, Riau Mainland half, the northern part of Bengkulu, Jambi western part, the southern part of North Sumatra, southwest of Aceh, and also Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia (Dizal, n,d). In ordinary conversation, Minang people are often confused as the Padang, referring to the capital of West Sumatra province is the city of Padang. However, these people will usually refer to the group as urang awak (mean the Minang people itself).
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they has various ethnic regions or clan which are melayu, piliang, sikumbang, chaniago, jambak, etc. that inherited from the mother, and they believe that who have comes from the same tribe it will be prohibited to establish a marriage relationship even though in religion it does not matter, but they believe that if same tribe people are brothers and that means the relationship is very close blood ties or they are in one family (Emes,2015) so everyone was required to marry outside the tribe (or known as exogamy system). however some people they are still do the violation of the customary rules so the punishment is they will be ostracized and ridiculed from the association not only the couples who do it but also a large family received the
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