The Importance Of Culture In Modern Society

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Throughout the modern civilization, we, the dominant culture, continue to discover new and innovative things. A dominant culture is a shared culture that many belong, in this case, modern society. We try to discover things to better understand ourselves, like how scientists are always looking at the body or space or anything of that sort to see what we are made of or the role the modern human plays in society, or even the world. The world we live in is a mix between many different cultures under the dominant culture. This is called a heterogeneous culture, differences in cultural identity related to class, race, ethnicity, etc. Although we are made up of many different cultures, we belong to the modern society as well. This heterogeneous culture is mostly technology based. A homogeneous society, a society that is made up of one culture, is little bit more rare, but not extinct. The homogeneous culture is more interdependent because it doesn’t have access to technology because they are so isolated. For example, a homogeneous society may include tribes and the traditions and…show more content…
There is said to be multiple, if not hundreds, of tribes that may live among us. Not necessarily in the modernized US and maybe Europe, but more so in the more remote regions. Where there maybe dense jungles, extreme cold, or really any remote location. These indigenous people continue to go unnoticed by society. But is that their wishes? Some continue extreme hostility towards the people trying to discover them. Maybe it’s because we are so different than these societies. Maybe it’s because we may actually be very similar. All in all, the dominant culture places value on technology which leads to independence and disconnection, whereas in indigenous culture relies heavily on traditions which leads to connection and

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