Values And Norms In Tribal Leadership, By David Logan

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One should protect their culture vehemently. It’s part of our personal and social binding fabrics built off our values and norms. If we do not protect our cultures from outside or internal attacks we risk losing our identities to what we believe and who we project we are. We share common norms and values with other cultures beginning the development of the bonds of trust. But there are limits that cannot be compromised. To build trust, our professional and personal communities must adapt our behaviors to other society’s customs as well as being vigilant in maintaining our traditional standards. I have many experiences in my life familiarizing myself with local customs, building relationships with communities and individuals benefiting our professional and personal relationships. In the book Tribal Leadership, written by David Logan, the author identifies tribes consisting of a leader having the ability to directly interact and influence 120 people or less. He shows how tribes develop values and norms in their interactions identifying what their culture is……….or their why. The author illustrates how our people are “nudged” through stages of group ascension performing as highly functioning “life is great” tribes.…show more content…
Our social behaviors are blended with other tribes once we have formed bonds of trust through the acceptance of our differences. Multiple cultures working together begin to do amazing things through their relationships, interconnecting our ideas, shaping our individual parts into whole networks. Building great connections takes hard work, time, and negotiating on our differences. Our cultures move at the speed of trust and respect, honoring one another’s dignity. With this structure teams of team’s from different communities produce the emergence of our effective
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