The Importance Of Curriculum Development

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Students as the center of educative process and the one that will benefit most and education is learner centered that focuses on the holistic development in all dimensions of education shall be the utmost priority of any educational purpose of the state. Let me reiterate the underlying principles of foundation in education though technology revolutionized and we can use it effectively together with the concepts of efficient and effective pedagogy. It can be said that curriculum development system is a systematic, developmental process of on-going analysis and improvement of curriculum and instruction in a school for the betterment and attainment of its purpose wherein students will benefit most. These means can then be translated into logical and pedagogical sound series of student experiences and they must engage in the use of technology for lifelong learning. Whereas perception of the term may vary, it must be recognized that curriculum encompasses more than a simple definition, curriculum is a key element in the educational process, its scope is extremely broad, and it touches virtually everyone specially the learners who is involved with teaching and learning. In other words, it is very essential to integrate use of technology in pedagogy. Curriculum alteration greater emphasis been placed upon the development of curricula that are relevant in terms of student and community needs and substantive outcomes align with students’ unique personal needs, interest and aspiration
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