The Importance Of Cursive In Daily Life

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Imagine your pencil flying up and down your paper you love writing in cursive and knowing how to. It helps both sides of your brain work together, it also helps you generate ideas and write faster also you’re going to need to know cursive for important things you’ll need as an adult. Cursive is very important in your life and you might not see that. Some people don’t think that cursive should still be taught because we have electronics now, but I think we still need it. The first Cursive is important is because cursive is useful for when you have to turn in a paper in time. Writing in cursive is better because instead of picking up the pencil every time you write a knew letter you can just connect the letters together. Also, instead of typing your letters witch in my opinion isn’t that good one reason for that is when you write you’re actually making the shape with your hand so your hand does the motion but when you type everything is the same every time you type a knew letter you are pressing a button that is the same as every other letters button except for every button has a different letter on it so for that reason you are able to Rember the stuff you write down easier than when you type it . Another important reason is because cursive is important in your daily life as an adult. When you open a bank account you need to sign your name in cursive. If you ever want or need to read important history documents it’s written in cursive but you won’t know how to read

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