The Importance Of Cursive Writing In Elementary Schools

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According to a survey that was conducted by teacher supplies retailer, Really Good Stuff, out of the 612 elementary schools that were surveyed 41% of the schools no longer incorporate cursive writing into their curriculum. That means 41% or more do not even know cursive writing or forgot the little that was taught to them. I am one of those students. All I know today is only my name. When my neighbor sends us a letter, she writes in beautiful fine print cursive, that I can not read at all. That has motivated me to research the debate on cursive writing, whether or not it should be taught anymore. Cursive writing should be taught in schools because it has a positive effect on communication, history, and personal development. First, schools should teach cursive writing because it promotes good communication. Some think, since most assignments are now done on computers kids should spend more time learning typing rather than cursive. But not every generation uses computers. This creates a communication gap between kids and senior citizens. Many of them prefer to communicate with hand written letters in cursive. Audrey Severson age 71 says, “Cursive notes are more personal when you read and write them. You know they had to put more time and thought into writing them because there is no easy way to check spelling and grammar.” Another communication gap is with people who have special learning needs including Dyslexia. According to the International Dyslexia

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