The Importance Of Cyber Crime

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a) Credit card frauds - When an individual uses another individuals’ credit card for personal reasons while the owner of the card and the card issuer are not aware of the fact that the card is being used. Further, the individual using the card has no connection with the cardholder or issuer, and has no intention of either contacting the owner of the card or making repayments for the purchases made. b) Violation of privacy - Privacy refers to the right of an individual/s to determine when, how and to what extent his or her personal data will be shared with others. Breach of privacy means unauthorized use or distribution or disclosure of personal information. Section 66E of IT act deals with such kinds of activities. i) Crime against property…show more content…
Crime has always evolved. As a consequence of the evolution of crime, law dealing with has evolved. There are traditional crimes, but a new sphere of crime has evolved with the birth of internet. The cyber space is now a victim to felonious minds of many people. This is mostly because of the following reasons. Firstly, the amount of cyber crime is increasing and due to a certain swift increase in the internet subscribers the number or happening of such crimes are also increasing day by day. When access to internet is easy, access to large number of information are also very easy. Due to such an abrupt increase in the cyber crimes, the law is yet to keep up with the pace of increase in cyber crimes. Secondly, Children have become more modern. They like experiencing and innovating new things. Computer has now become a compulsory subject in every school. Parents too want their children to have knowledge about computer and internet. However, they are unaware of the fact that most of the students misuse the net and become victim of illegal cyber crimes rather than gaining any benefit out of it. Thirdly, Information is stored in computers in very small space which results in deriving information easily , in addition to the fact that people are often negligent in protecting their computers which allow the criminals to take opportunity of the negligence. Fourthly, risky behavior patterns, 80% of adults who watched adult…show more content…
With the information revolution, the internet has helped in development of the society has also been triggered. But it is within the minds of these societies that are maliciously taking advantage of the internet which was invented for the good of the human beings. Internet has become a basic necessity of almost every people living in the urban areas, in education, at work, etc. So, internet cannot be ignored, and life without internet would be slower. Thus the only way is that the laws and authorities dealing with such crimes increase their actions to curb these crimes at a rate higher that occurrence of such crimes. But to fight against cyber crimes, mutual help from the authorities and the people of the societies are required. All people are not aware of the technicalities of the cyber space and are not aware of the ways of prevention of cyber crime. Many even do not register the attacks faced. Awareness programs are necessary in order to curb or decrease the happening if such crimes. As the saying goes “coming together is a BEGINNING, keeping together is PROGRESS, and working TOGETHER is a success”, the society and the authorities must work together to successfully curb these

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