The Importance Of Cyber Democracy

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Internet has been developing continuously in the human society since it was invented in 1969. And who knows that the system was used for military use, now became an important part of all aspects among us. From personal life to world economics, or even government. We use Internet every time and every where. Indeed, the Internet represents the ultimate form of democratic communication in somehow. Internet also brought a new concept which is cyber democracy or e-democracy, it was first proposed by the American scholar Mark Slauka in 1995 and Mark Slauka argues that “cyber democracy” can be understood as a medium of network democracy, or a component of a network of democracy. But not all countries wish to use the Internet to promote democracy…show more content…
A 26 years old young man who self Immolation protested is this revolution’s flashpoint which took place in the Republic of Tunisia. This revolution was called “Arab Spring”, and the people who started this could not stand autocratic rule, rigid political system, human rights violations, corruption, economic recession, high unemployment rates, poverty and problems like that any more. “In the case of protests in Egypt, it appears that social networks, often mediated through the new online platforms in the emergent networked public sphere, played a crucial role...” (Alex Remington, 2012). ““Arab Spring” protests, social media networks played an important role in the rapid disintegration of at least two regimes, Tunisia and Egypt, while also contributing to sociopolitical mobilization in Bahrain and Syria” (Ekaterina Stepanova, 2011). Regardless of success or failure of this revolution, from the case of Egypt we can still see how important roles that Internet communication could play in modern society. Internet can brought down a empire in one night easily and can also establish a new regime in one night and this is the power of democracy showed in Internet. Internet provide a window to everyone, it doesn’t have any limits and it let everyone have the right to…show more content…
There are two events that happened recently has provided the evidence that Internet do play an important roles in democracy, and can also lead the direction of voting or even other government policies. The first event is the take off the European referendum that happened in Britain. According to______ In June 23, 2016, supporters of Britain’s off the European defeat the people who do not supported that idea with a weak advantage of only 3.8% (XXX). Even many senior government officials disagreed with the result, they still need to follow the direction, because that was decided by people. Google Trends’ statistics showed that after the end of the European referendum, the British residents began to ask some of the most basic issues, these issues include: what is the EU, which countries belong to the EU. The second event was happened in United States which is the forty-fifth presidential election, Internet and online media played very important roles during the selections. In fact, social media provided many ways that allowed all the candidates “introduce” themselves through their own website, e-mail, search engines, videos or social networking site such as face book and twitter. However, president elect Donald Trump which is the winner took huge advantage from social network. “"I have so many fans on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which is a huge force. I think

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