The Importance Of Cybercrime

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As society grows more dependent on and intertwined with cyberspace, understanding and addressing various concerns regarding the human elements associated with cybercrime become more increasingly threatening the safety of cyberspace. Cybercrime is a complex issue to understand. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and are targeting everybody as well as public and private organizations. Therefore, additional layers of defense are needed because Cybercrime has been increasing in complexity and financial cost that's why it has been viewed as the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens from this issue. Cybercrime can be regarded as computer activities which are either illegal or considered illicit by certain parties of the…show more content…
Cyber crime is the prevalence of software piracy (EL-Guindy, 2009) pirated software is more prone to attacks by viruses, malware, and Trojans which attract more perpetrators to have more victims because the pirated software make the victims more open to the internet for many people to view. The pirated software can include not only games, movies, office applications and operating systems but also security software. Often, users are supposed to install anti-viruses to protect them from malware and viruses and are to get the original software which will not corrupt the computers to let the cyber criminals into the systems because the government cannot take the responsibility of controlling the actions of the users and also what gets into the systems through the internet…show more content…
International Criminal Police Organization is an organization that helps its partners like the UAE to fight global cybercrime. (INTERPOL 2016). INTERPOL will help the government with investigative support, cyber intelligence. Innovation and research which will help in enforcing the laws put by the government to protect the citizens from cyber crime. This means that with the government's collaboration with INTERPOL, it is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens from cyber crime.
In conclusion, cybercrime will continue to rise, fighting cybercrime is an ongoing effort for the both the government and its citizens, becoming part of it will help combat this issue and it’s not just not the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens from cybercrime because of things like the growth of the user database, stakeholder and parents being responsible for their protection against cyber crime.

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