How Did D-Day Invade Normandy

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D-Day is an event which occurred on the 6 June 1944 it was planned by Britain, Canada and USA. The Allies were planning on invading Germany and this invasion was led by American General Ike Eisenhower, this day was codenamed ‘Operation Overload’ (Source A).D-Day was originally meant to take place on the 1st of May 1944 they postponed it so they could gather enough equipment(Source D).D-Day was later on moved to the 5th of June 1944 due to the bad weather that day the invasion was delayed for 24 hours which meant D-Day was going to take place on the 6th of June 1944. D-Day was a day where the Allies went into Germany and invaded Normandy. The reason why D-Day had to be planned was because the Allies had to organise where they would land, how…show more content…
The Allies had over 7 000 ships, 11 000 aircrafts the also had 75 215 British and Canadian troops and 57 500 USA troops. Theses troops were landed on the front coast line in Normandy by Ships the Nazi’s were so powerful that they managed to sweep thousands of men and they vehicles back to sea and 10 landing crafts sank. As the parachutes from the Allies were landing the Nazi were already firing bullets at them that made it very hard for them to land. The Allies tried out smarting them by invading Normandy from the back coming through from Carentan because at the coast line there were too many ships sinking and there was fire above the sea due to the fact that the ships had been spilling oil. This attack really was big a lot of ships and aircrafts were dropping off people to fight in this invasion. The Allies used all they equipment on the Nazi’s trying they best to defeat them and this attack was getting worse every time the Nazi’s were really strong and this invasion was taking more time than expected. The soldiers were starting to put all they skills in this attack and by the end of the day over 75 000 British and Canadian troops and, more the 57 000 American held the beaches in a month these numbers increased to a million (Source L). As this attack continued the Nazi army was becoming very weak due to the fact that all they mature soldiers were either injured of dead and they were…show more content…
The long term consequences were that Germany had lost their confidence and they knew that they would not win. Germany was left with soldiers who were suffering from diseases such as Shell shock, TB and other soldiers were injured badly some had no legs or arms this was caused because of this war so they could no longer fight . Germany was just damaged after the D-Day. The short term effects that they had were that they military cars were damaged the building in the towns; they had no proper buildings structure anymore because they buildings were
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