The Importance Of D1 Baseball

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A lot of things must happen for someone to make it all the way to the MLB. Not only does one have to be really good at the sports nut the physique of the player must be in tip top shape to be playing pretty much 75% of the year. They play 162 games in one year or 2,430 altogether. (Dennis) All of this starts when you are young. Playing for the right teams and getting exposure is very important. Even though there is a saying “If you are good enough the scouts will find you.” Which is true to a certain degree. Playing at big showcases and playing at a good high school is important. Then most players that make it all the way play D1 baseball, so going D1 is important but also very rare. Not a lot of players make it under D1 but if they do they have to go undrafted and play for hardly nothing at first until they prove themselves and get promoted up from single A…show more content…
Their hands and reaction time have to be the quickest it can be to hit the pitchers they face. Working out and hitting has to be an everyday thing to be successful in any sport, but when hitting everything has to be on time and perfect to make solid contact with a moving 90 mph fastball tailing away from you by a foot. Luck also has a lot to do with it, but 30% of the balls hit our outs. A 90 mph fastball takes .4 seconds to reach home plate after it leaves a pitcher 's hand, but a hitter need a full .25 seconds to see the ball and react. So you can say reaction time is very important. (Sommer) To be in the MLB you have to know the game of baseball like the back of your hand. There are so many situations that can happen that you have to react quickly and on the fly to get the out or make the play. Loving the game is a must in the Bigs. Being around the game even when the season is over, still be taking swings in the cage, working out, throwing, and taking ground balls or pop flies while in the off season to get ready to produce during the
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