Data Aggregation Techniques

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ABSTRACT: Data aggregation is very important techniques in wireless sensor network. Data aggregations reduce the energy consumption by eliminating redundancy. In this paper the data aggregation approaches based on the routing protocols and algorithm. Data aggregation is basically used to collect and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner so that network lifetime is improved. Data aggregation protocols aims at eliminating redundant data transmission. The data aggregation is a method used to solve the overlap problems in data centric routing. Data aggregation is the process of collecting and aggregating the useful data. Data aggregation is considered as one of the essential procedures for saving the energy.
Keywords: Wireless sensor network,
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 Security Issues In Data Aggregation: Security in data transmission and aggregation is an important issue to be considered while designing sensor networks. In lots of applications, sensors are deployed in open environments and prone to physical attacks which might compromise the sensor’s cryptographic keys. Secure aggregation of information is a challenging task if the data aggregates and sensors are malicious. In this subsection, describe some recent work which solve the secure data aggregation problem and also discuss some of the main issues involved in implementing security in sensor networks.

4. CONCLUSION: In this paper studied the most important parts of data aggregation in sensor networks is different from other wireless networks. Wireless sensor networks are power controlled network. The process of data aggregation is most important issue and optimization is needed to energy consumed for sending and receiving. Efficient data aggregations provide energy preservation as well as remove redundancy

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