The Importance Of Data Communication

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Communication between humans has existed from thousand years ago. Back then, they use many different techniques to communicate such as smoking signals, screaming or hitting something to make sound. These methods have been determined by environment and also the availability of technology.

Data transmission between two or more computers is called data communications. A telecommunication network (computer networks or data network) is necessary in the process of exchanging the data between computers. Typically, people all around the world used the best-known computer network which is the Internet. (tutorialspoint, 2015). First of all, we should know a communications protocol before transmitting digital data. Communications protocol refers to
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The process of transferring data can be conducted through the air by waves at any distances whether a few meters or thousands of kilometres. Most devices in these days use wireless communication such as smartphones, computers, tabs, laptops and also printers. There are many types of wireless communication which includes microwave radio, satellite communication, broadcast radio, infrared communication and bluetooth. The most famous and vital wireless communication is satellite. Satellite is widely spread all over the world in order to allow users always connected almost anywhere on the earth. After a satellite receives signal, it amplifies the signal and send it back to the antenna receiver on earth. For your information, there are two main components in satellite communication which are the ground section and the space section. The ground section includes fixed or mobile transmission, reception and ancillary equipment whereas the satellite represents the space segment. Another wireless communication is microwave communication that uses radio waves in centimetres. There are two types in using this type of communication. One is satellite method which data signals can be send and receive between microwave station and satellite above the earth. Another method is two microwave towers send and receive signals between them is known…show more content…
The main purpose of computer networks is to facilitate communication through email, video conferencing, instant messaging and others. Also, networks allow multiple users to share a single hardware device like scanner or printer and allow file sharing. (Techopedia, 2015). NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input/Output System which is a program that enables applications on separate computers to communicate over a local network (LAN). This program is created by IBM, was adopted by Microsoft and has become a factor industry standard. NetBIOS offers two communication modes which are session or datagram. In session mode, two computers creates a connection in order to communicate, enables larger messages and have error detection and recovery. Plus, this program allows the application to understand the details of the network. Meanwhile, there is no connection in datagram mode which means the messages is sent independently. Also, messages must be smaller, has no availability of error detection and recovery. (Definition form Moreover, TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is the main communication language or set of rules among all computers on the Internet. It was developed by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf in 1978. TCP/IP is two different protocols which are used together. The Internet Protocol (IP) determines how packets
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