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Data plays significant role in the growth of any organization. When harnessed, data provides valuable insights that help in making strategies for business growth. Traditional approaches for analyzing data can be traced back to manual analysis and computerized analysis through data mining. Data mining is the process of discovering interesting facts from data sources. They are called trends or patterns. These are the discovered facts there were not known earlier. Many data mining algorithms came into existence to serve organizations in discovering actionable knowledge. Nevertheless, the data is growing exponentially and it has got characteristics like volume, velocity and variety. Such data is called big data. The existing data mining
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As big data is different from traditional data with characteristics aforementioned, there should be different environment to process it. Processing voluminous data needs high processing power and a great deal of resources. Therefore it is essential to have big data mining to obtain very useful BI. Figure 2 shows why an organization should consider processing big data.
Figure 2 – Biased conclusions by processing portions of data [3]
The blind men having limited view of sight on the data and made biased conclusions that are not accurate. This is clearly indicating the need for processing big data for comprehensive business intelligence. Since big data can add value to big business it is important to have such data mining strategy to make well informed decisions [5].
Big data is relatively new research area. However, there are handful of frameworks or platforms that can be used to work with big data in different levels. The big data platforms are presented in Figure 3. The big data platforms can support both real time processing and batch processing. They support parallel processing

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