Themes And Significance Of Tragedy In Shakespeare's Works

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Name: Veronica Liu
Course: British Literature
Instructor: Ms. Sullivan
Date: 2017/03/09
The famed Chinese writer who called “Lu Xun” says, “ Tragedy is to destroy all the pretty things for people to see”. As everyone knows, Shakespeare is famous for his tragedies and
“Hamlet” is one of the most tragical work. Therefore, there must be full of tears, partings, conspiracies, enmities, betrayals and deaths. However, what the purposes and significances of these? People all know that Shakespeare’s works is superb and remarkable, but why human beings all admire and respect them? From the view of “Hamlet” , the continuous deaths must be the power to push the storylines going ahead and ahead. The links between each deaths cause characters giving rise
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However, Hamlet thought Claudius is behind the arras, so he kills him
(Polonius) directly. After Polonius, the conflict between Gertrude and Hamlet became fiercer and
Hamlet lost himself more. From the personal view, Polonius’s death is one of the victims in this revenge, but this is also what he deserves because he used to be the Old King’s councillor whereas he is helping Old King’s murder to hurt Old King’s son. He is smart but he is not loyal, therefore, he died in the right path.
After that, Polonius’s daughter, Ophelia died. After that, Polonius’s daughter, Ophelia died.
She was mad after her father died and Hamlet left. And she came to see Gertrude before she died,
“She is importunate. Indeed distract; her mood will needs be pitied” (Shakespeare 4.5.2-3), her moods is unnatural. She dropped into endless grief since she was sang continuously, “Tomorrow is
Saint Valentine’s day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.
Then up her rose and donned his clothes. And dumped the chamber door, Let in the maid, that out a maid. Never departed more” (Shakespeare 4.5.53-60). There we can see her deep miss and the indications about she wanted to die. Ophelia is a kind and pure girl who shouldn’t involved in

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