Bless Me Ultima Case Study Questions And Answers

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1. Tony says the Act of Contrition for Florence because even though he know that he never believed or wouldn’t work he felt that he had to since he had done it for Narciso and Lupito when they were dying.
2. The reason why Vitamin Kid didn’t race tony when he was crossing the bridge was because he was walking with a girl name Ida, who he probably like but wasn’t stated in the book.
3. The reason why Florence death happen before he was able to see the Golden Carp is because Florence death, plays an important role in the development of Antonio’s growing into a man, seeing his close friend die before he could find peace in a god affected his views about his god in a big way. I also believe that it had supported Cico idea of the church god being a jealous god, since Florence died right before he was able to meet a “new God.”
4. Gabriel’s answer to tony question was that he did not believe that things were evil, but that people fear them because they did not understand them. He uses the event at Tellez house how he was afraid of the evil, but Ultima was not …show more content…

The owl’s death is important because that owl is a symbol for Ultima’s spirit. That owl was given to her by the person who taught her everything she knows, when it was given to her they told her that “…that the owl was my spirit, my bond to the time and harmony of the universe.” In a way that owl was her life once the owl dies so does she.
10. The tools that Ultima has given Antonio to become a Spiritual leader is to never be afraid to always stand up to evil even if you are afraid because the littles of good can defeat the greatest of evil. She also taught him how before collecting herbs and plant to talk to them to ask them for their magical curing abilities before taking them out of the ground.
11. A person who has influenced my life growing up would be my sister that showed me to never give up no matter how hard life gets and that nothing is impossible to accomplish as long as you try hard and never give

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